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Bastion Backups Marketing

How easy is it to create an appetite when there is no hunger? Well, this business is not about hunger or the uncertainty of where the next meal will come from. It's about sustainability and maturity in business to recognize the weakest links and to understand the vulnerabilities and to insure against them. It’s about the surety of longevity!

Bastion Backups has your back! As with the resellers we recruit, we want to be sure that their expertise is rooted deep in your primary existence – we want for your peace-of-mind. Bastion Backups has collaborated with their suppliers to ensure that data protection and recovery is the number one indicator of performance measurement and credibility yardstick.

It's on this foundation that our business; to offer our combined technical and marketing skill ensuring data protection and recovery for every customer - is paramount! To this end Bastion Backups provides access to:

  • A wealth of marketing and sales campaign material.
  • Combined coordination of mini-seminars for the reseller collaboration.
  • Sales and marketing expertise.
  • Training and mentoring.
  • Technical orientation and skill upliftment.